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Satyricon - Satyricon (2013)

Country : Norway
Genre : Black Metal
Album : Satyricon
Year : 2013
Lyrical themes : Mysticism, Nature, Apocalypse, Anti-Christianity
File Size : 47.82 MB
Codec : 320 kbps

At the turn of the year 1991/92 black metal still seems to be unknown and non-existant to most people in Norway. Meanwhile, Norwegian underground activity is extensive. One of the very active and ambitious bands bears the name Satyricon, and is known to most people in the scene, although to ordinary people an absent phenomena. They make some rehearsal tapes for their own use, and in order to check response from others. That summer they record their first official demo, self titled. Determined to establish a name for themselves, they work aggressively in relation to the underground round and about in Europe. They sell reasonably well and end up with a sale of approximately 1000 copies. Internal problems in the band increase during the autumn, and some of the members are told to leave. Two out, one in. The latter is Frost himself, one of two who form Satyricon's basic platform. Inspired by a strong experience of enthusiasm and progress, the band develop new songs and lyrics. The song titled "Ravens black" is especially chosen to get record labels interested in their work. This was composed before unrest in the band had begun, but after the first demo. There is positive feedback, and the band is at the same time working together in order to develope both the music and the chemistry. This work gets completed in winter 1993, titled "The forest is my throne". At this stage the band is gradually beginning to form its own style and trademark. This demo is really well received and after sales have passed about 1500 copies the band just doesn't bother to print any more copies.

No Fashion Records in Sweden have been considering Satyricon for a long time, and they decided to sign them on. The bands' first aim has been acheived, and they are extremely satisfied. One has to remember that it's only during the last two years that it has been easier to sign a record deal than to steal sweets from a child.

Ideas are bountiful and many new themes come to light after dark. Some of the themes that started as minor creations, are further developed for use on album. Satyr writes lyrics about his facination for the middle ages and the atmosphere associated with the theme. Pure fantasies, longing, visions, death, darkness and the foul plague. Just before going into studio another member of the band leaves, which means that out of the original band members figuring on the first demo only one remains. Crisis? No, not really. Satyr and Frost are still there. These two are by far of most significance, both musically and ideologically. In the long run this strengthens the band... now there is a full commitment. With passion and enthusiasm they start work on their debut album, "Dark Medieval Times". Half way through the recording sessions the worst possible thing happens. The record company is short of founds, and the studio doesn't get fees in advance as per agreement. As a result, recordings has to bee stopped until payment is made. The companies assures Satyricon that the money will arrive soon. But it's out of the question to wait. Satyr and Frost put together both personal savings and private loans in order to finish off the recording. Satyr then travels to Grieg Hallen in Bergen to mix the album. After a couple of days there he decides that the job would be better done where he came from, and he returns home to mix in the same studio where they had recorded. Now they like it! Cassettes are distributed to various companies, and they get offers from a number of them. The offer Satyricon is most keen on is from a lable that doesn't want to change their release schedule. This would mean eight months of waiting. FORGET IT! So just by chance they come across Tatra who are highly impressed by the "Dark Medieval Times" recording and they buy the master tape. Bearing in mind the fact that this type of music is somewhat unusual for the avant garde label Tatra Productions, discussions commence around the possibility of releasing Satyricon under their own lable, subordinate to Tatra. That's how Moonfog began. What was meant to be a monicker separating Satyricon from other Tatra stuff, gradually became a label. When the album is released it gets embraced by the underground and Satyricon rapidly acheives status as one of the most important black metal bands. Right in the middle of all this there is enormous media focus on Norwegian black metal, and this has both good and bad effects. What people notice quite apart from all this, is that Satyricon has something that the others don't have. The dynamics, the long acoustic passages, the progressive elements and the lyrical and musical inspiration from the middle ages. In the course of time this album becomes a trend-setter for many bands. One started hearing stuff from others which seemed to be extremely similar to something one had heard before, something very close indeed! This was regarded as a compliment and a confirmation of the fact that what one had acheived was appreciated. Hard work and a serious attitude had paid off. Nor was the record company crying itself to sleep as a result of sales statistics. These turned out to be far beyond previous expectations. We choose to focus on the timespan before and including "Dark Medieval Times", since most people seem to find that period obscure.

 1.Voice of Shadows (02:35)
2.Tro og kraft (06:01)
3.Our World, It Rumbles Tonight (05:12)
4.Nocturnal Flare (06:38)
5.Phoenix (06:32)
6.Walker upon the Wind (04:58)
7.Nekrohaven (03:12)
8.Ageless Northern Spirit (04:43)
9.The Infinity of Time and Space (07:47)
10.Natt (03:34)
Total Playing : 51:12

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Moonreich - Terribilis Est Locus Iste (2013)

Country : France
Genre : Black Metal
Album : Terribilis Est Locus Iste
Year : 2013
Lyrical themes : War, After War
File Size : 135.55 MB
Codec : MPEG 1 Layer III / Lame 3.98 / 320 kbps

Few can expect what the already impressive telluric black metal combo from France can now evoke. After their highly acclaimed debut, Loi Martiale, Terribilis Est Locus Iste represenst a key to new creations and time, an abyss of cold and disharmonic emotions which dwell with primordial obscurantism. Serpents will strangle the earth, moving away from the oppressive light and going deep into the womb of pestilence. Connections can be made with Deathspell Omega most uncompromised diabolical summonings (sans the technical provocations, but engendering the same occult, hellish rituals).
Weddir - Guitars/Vocals  |  Macabre - Bass
Arawn - Guitars  |  Odarec - Drums

Moonreich was founded in 2008 as a solo project, lead by Weddir who composed the first EP Zoon Politikon that was released on the French label “Infernal Kommando”. In order to promote this new release, a single concert took place in Paris in June 2009 with a non-permanent line-up. Once this EP was out, Weddir went on composing the first album of the band and finally record it in october 2009. After many delays, Loi Martiale was finally released in January 2011 on the Italian label De Tenebrarum Principio that provides worldwide promotion and distribution.

While the recording of the album was still in process, Weddir started looking for musicians to promote Moonreich’s music in France and foreign countries. Around 800 CDs have been sold since the release, which is quite substancial in the underground music world for a first black metal album.  At the end of 2011, Moonreich recorded a new EP named Curse them, that includes four tracks more dissonant and brutal than Loi Martiale. The digital version was released in April 2012 while the actual CD came out in September 2012 on the French label Mortis Humanae. Many reviews have emphasized the originality and the strength of Moonreich’s new material.

Moonreich released its second full-length album, Terribilis Est Locus Iste, in April 2013. After having shared stages with many renowned bands and toured with Cruxifiction throughout April 2012, Moonreich is ready to strike other countries with its unholy black metal.

1. Terribilis Est Locus Iste (08:34)
2. Bright Morning Star (07:19)
3. Oppressive Light (02:57)
4. Chant for a Darkened Gospel (03:58)
5. The Serpent Presaging Sinister (04:43)
6. Cursed the Day, Hailed the Night (06:21)
7. Nos Conspuere in Vobis (05:02)
8. Hidden Mystical World (09:58)
9. And a Star Fell at the Fifth Sound (09:19)
Total Playing : 58:11

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Elderblood - Son Of The Morning (2013)

Country : Ukraine
Genre : Symphonic Black Metal
Album : Son Of The Morning
Year : 2013
Lyrical themes : Darkness, Lucifer, Chaos
File Size : 151.88 MB
Codec : MPEG 1 Layer III / Lame 3.98 / 320 kbps

In autumn 2011 Astargh left the Nokturnal Mortum band for establish his own, 
having invited Odalv (Twilightfall, Ulvegr, ex-Nokturnal Mortum) as drummer. 
The band was named ELDERBLOOD. 
In Febrary 2012 Hagalth was invited to the band as 
The recording of debut album started in the end of march 2012 
at "Dark Essence Studio".
The recording of debut album entitled “Son of the Morning” is over in the december of 2012.
Astargh - vocals, guitars, bass, keyboards
Odalv - drums
Hagalth - bass

01 - Gates to Oblivion [00:00:45]
02 - Dies Irae [00:07:36]
03 - Manifestation ov Dark Essence [00:05:42]
04 - Son of the Morning [00:06:51]
05 - My Death [00:05:38]
06 - Triumph of the Beast [00:07:39]
07 - The XI-th Angle [00:06:26]
08 - Naglfar [00:09:01]
09 - Egocide [00:08:51]
10 - Re-Birth [00:05:23]
11 - Dreamless [00:02:08]
Total Playing : 01:06:11

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Necronomicon - Rise of the Elder Ones (2013)

Genre : Death / Black Metal
Album : Rise of the Elder Ones
Year : 2013
Lyrical themes : Occultism, Magick, Mythology, Death
File Size : 99 MB
Codec : MPEG 1 Layer III / Lame 3.98 / 320 kbps


Rising from the 90’s “The Canadian Occult Legend (BWBK)” have sailed against all storms and wars to conquer all countries they landed under heaven and earth. It is not without difficulties that the pioneers of the dark genre have kept the machine alive, but nevertheless, their faith and strong belief in the band’s message has succeeded to overcome the worst and beyond. Since the beginning of the new millennium, the cult of the Book of the Dead keeps spreading around the world, taking the fans by surprise like a disease. Renowned for its live presence and intensity, the Occultist trinity aims for nothing less than reaching every area of the living world, doing what they do best - rocking the stage.

The “Pharaoh of Gods” album became a classic a few years after its release. Now considered to be too advanced for is time, mixing brutal dark metal with almost “new age” ambiances. As for “Return of the Witch”, which became the first worldwide release, bringing the band to tour the Old continent for the first time.

Previous releases are not to be forgotten, starting with the “Morbid Ritual” demo, which was nationally acclaimed. “The Silver Key” EP gained attention from labels in the US and overseas, especially with the title track song. Last but not least, the extremely tribal “The Sacred Medicines”: an American Native concept featuring “Red Bull” singers from Western Canada’s Cree Nation on the title track.

Necronomicon originally comes from the deep northern part of the Canadian province of Quebec, called the “Fjord of Saguenay”. The band later relocated in the city on Montreal, now well known for the quality of is metal scene, to ensure a more prosperous future for the band… Something that would’ve been impossible in their remote Nordic home region.

Since the beginning, the band always blended in mixing ambiances with extreme metal, along with atmospheric passages using narration and angelic female voices, exotic instruments and various orchestrations. Although every album has its own theme, it is also part of the grand concept of the band itself.

Their hard work and renowned growth brought them to share the stage and tour with several well established bands such as Cradle of Filth, Dimmu Borgir, Behemoth, Morbid Angel, to name a few, as well as invitations to well renowned festivals such as Inferno (Norway), Heavy MTL (Canada), Ragnarok (Germany), the Barge to Hell metal cruise and more.

Stopping at nothing, the Eternal trio led by the Dark One, Rob “The Witch”, is now working with the well-established record label “Season of Mist”. This is the call upon the opening of the gateway for their new offspring… “Rise of The Elder Ones”: The darkest; meanest album created for one purpose only –conquer everything from darkness onto the light.

1.Resurrected 04:26  
2.The End of Times 04:23  
3.The Living God (Pharaoh of Gods Part II) 04:49  
4.The Nuclear Chaos 02:01  
5.From Beyond 04:26  
6.Rise of the Elder Ones 03:46  
7.The Valley of the Lost Souls 04:16  
8.Celestial Being 03:51
9.Dark Corners of the Earth 05:15  
10.The Fallen 06:09  
Total Playing : 43:22

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Feldgrau - Mechanized Misanthropy (2005)

Country : Tampa, Florida
Genre : Black/Death/Industrial Metal
Album : Mechanized Misanthropy
Year : 2005
Lyrical themes : Iron will, war, supremacy
File Size : 95 MB
 Codec : MPEG 1 Layer III / Lame 3.98 / 320 kbps
A unique combination of harsh electronics/industrial with Black Metal, Feldgrau is the project of Pete Helmkamp and Bill Taylor from Angelcorpse, with Vhex on keyboards/effects. Feldgrau hails the strong, the extreme, whether it is musical, stylistic, or lyrical. Expect no blast beats, but rather churning industrial chaos. Expect no clean generic riffs, but rather filthy primitive harshness. Expect the sounds of destruction and conflagration.

01. Stormfront (07:45)
02. Strong Arm Faction (06:20)
03. Zerstorer (03:33)
04. Wolves Of Flame And Shadow (04:30)
05. Iron Law Iron Will (00:59)
06. Conflagration Total War (03:45)
07. Putrid Stigmata (02:51)
08. Bacillus Satanas (04:17)
09. Kommand (06:40)
Total Playing : 40:44

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Hellish Oblivion – Your Main To Live (2012)

Country : Rusia 
Genre : Black/Death
Album : Your Main To Live
Year : 2012
Lyrical themes : N/A
File Size : 76MB

01. Umbra Lusorii 05:31
02. Inner Price 04:34
03. Your Main To Live 05:20
04. Sanctum 04:51
05. This World Is Yours 05:06
06. Devoid Of All 05:58
07. Prepaired For Lie 04:43
08. Apathia 04:36
Total Playing : 41:08

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