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Black Metal Satanica 2008 DVD

      Though it doesn't arrive until the last half of this stunning, superb documentary, the most horrific element of Black Metal Satanica is not the various stories of slaughter and arson, church burning or grave desecration and robbing. Looking about as mild mannered and unassuming as any young man his age, Niklas "Kvarforth" Olsson, lead singer and founder of the group Shining spells out his pro-suicide, pro-self mutilation agenda, and we are instantly taken aback. As with many of the musicians in this spellbinding effort, his soft spoken rationality stands in sharp contrast to the decidedly deranged things he is putting forth. While advocating his peculiar point of view, he marvels at the "beauty" of pure white bone sticking out of a jagged and bloody wound, arguing for a world where everyone is dead or destroying themselves, and sees himself and his songs as kind of a reverse Messianic missive for same. In his cool, calm, and collected reasoning, we see just how dangerous and potentially seductive this kind of anti-social strategy can be - and why there is still so much scandal surrounding it.


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